17th Century Tottenville History Comes Alive

Meet the People.

Experience the Events.

by Angie Mangino


How Big Can You Dream?

Day 85: By Angie Mangino

"Fear of either failure or success limits us. … Know the only limits to our dreams are the ones we place upon ourselves."

#1 Top New Release 

in the USA, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia


The Community Book Project: 20/20 Vision

"Inspiring Happiness" by Angie Mangino

Award Winner: "Why I Write" by Angie Mangino

"Where Did the Day Go?" by Angie Mangino

"What, Me Worry?" by Angie Mangino

"Growing in Gratitude" by Angie Mangino

#1  New Release ranking in the category of Happiness

#1 Best Seller in Happiness


A Community Book Project: Independence

"Independence is Worth the Risk" 

by Angie Mangino

#1 Best Seller in Happiness


Everyday Joy a Community Book Project

"Finding Joy" 

by Angie Mangino

#1 New Release in Time Management in Business


Mothers' Miracles

"Her Only Secret" by Angie Mangino


Encyclopedia of the U.S. Government and the Environment [2 volumes]: History, Policy, and Politics

"Northwest Forest Management Plan"

 by Angie Mangino

"United States Department of the Interior"

by Angie Mangino